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Tifany's Bridal are your one stop shop for advice on how to plan the perfect wedding. With our wedding advice and wedding tips we cover all the practical aspects of your wedding from choosing dresses for you and your bridesmaids to getting the perfect photos to shuttling you and your guests between venues with minimal hassle. We also have a selection of fun blog articles to help you make your wedding extra special and personal to you and your tastes.

choosing your wedding dress

Only you can say which dress is perfect for you, but we believe with our wedding dress tips we can help you find it. Just take on board our advice about bringing a friend for a second opinion, bringing the right length heels, allowing plenty of time to look and considering your body type, and finding the perfect wedding dress for you is in the bag. Also, if you're based in South Wales, choose a good Bridal Shop Cardiff as a starting point.

choosing your bridesmaids dresses

Choosing your bridesmaids dresses requires a lot of cooperation, and perhaps some compromise, to make you and them happy with the result. It's your special day and no doubt you'll want everything to be just so, but for the best experience you'll want to be surrounded by confident, happy bridesmaids. Our recommendation is to set a theme, pick a colour which you can all agree on, and let them pick a cut which best flatters their body type.

choosing your photographer

Our experience has been that the best photographers are generally out in the open and not that hard to find. They often have tight schedules so we recommend looking early so you can book them well in advance. Check out their portfolio online and decide if their pictures reflect the memories you want to take. If they don't have an available portfolio you should be wary. If they don't edit their images you should walk away.

choosing your transport

A car at a wedding exist to be pretty and to help set the tone, and they also exist to shuttle you can your guests back and forth between venues, helping you keep time and stay dry. We want you to get 'the look' you desire for your wedding car, but there are some practicalities you have to keep in mind. If you and your groom are planning on a low slung sports car make sure you can look elegant when climbing out of it. For your guests you may want something more utilitarian like a minivan. We believe the most important thing a wedding car can do is get you where you want to be. With this in mind you want a clear schedule in mind, and for your car hire company take the flack of any waiting times.


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