bridesmaid dresses

what makes the perfect bridesmaid dresses?

As the bride, you naturally want your bridesmaids to look stunning and to complement you. But it's a complicated matter picking out the perfect outfits! So what makes the perfect bridesmaids' dresses? These are some points to bear in mind:

complements the wedding dress

As the bride, you want your bridesmaids' dresses to complement yours. There are a great range of bridesmaid dresses in the UK so this can be through colour or texture. Their dresses can echo the colours in your bridal bouquet, or you could all wear similar accessories; for example, faux fur wraps are a great idea if you're getting married at a cooler time of year.

the bridesmaids have a say in the choice

If you choose outfits for your bridesmaids without giving them any say in the matter, you risk making them feel awkward - and if they don't like the dress, it will be obvious when they're wearing it. Remember that it may be your wedding, but they've got to wear their dresses.

age appropriate

Avoid making bridesmaids wear something that's not suitable for their age group. Your 25-year-old sister will feel ridiculous in the same style as your six-year-old niece! Instead, look for other ways of coordinating their outfits, such as colour scheme or accessories.

can be worn again

Bridesmaids' dresses can be expensive, and if you're expecting them to pay for their own dresses they'll want to get more wear out of them. So consider dresses that can be worn again for formal events and parties. Bridesmaids' dresses don't have to be a traditional style; you can pick cocktail dresses, vintage wear, or even a smart suit.

flattering & comfortable

The style must be flattering for each wearer, so it may be best to pick different styles for each bridesmaid if they have different body types. A girl with a generous bust may not feel comfortable in a strapless dress. One with an hourglass figure will look great in a dress with a Fifties-style full skirt, which will swamp one with a boyish figure; she however will be flattered by an empire-line dress.

within budget

If your bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses, be conscious of their budget and not ask them to buy expensive dresses they can't afford. Again, consider an outfit they can get further wear out of. If you have your eye on pricey dresses, offer to pay part or all of the cost.


Your bridesmaids will freeze if you're having a winter wedding and want them to wear strapless dresses! Consider warm fabrics like velvet; a rich burgundy would be perfect for the season. You could also choose warm wraps for them to complement their dresses.

fits the theme

You may be having a themed wedding, such as steampunk or medieval, in which case you'll want to choose outfits for the bridesmaids that fit in with the theme. Be sure that they are happy going along with that theme though.


It's best to avoid too many flounces and frills - unless you're going for an Eighties-themed wedding! Let the cut, colour and accessories do the talking.


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