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things to consider when hiring a car for the wedding

Your wedding day is one of the key moments in your life, so it couldn't be more vital to get every single aspect just perfect. Choosing the right transport to get you to your venue on time is every bit as important as finding the perfect dress or booking a florist to make the bouquet, so you should take the time and effort needed to select the right wedding car company to make your big day go smoothly. Here is a useful guide to finding the right vehicle.

finding a car for the bride and groom

Every bride and groom want their day to be special and a major part of that day is choosing the right transportation. Think carefully about the theme of your wedding and then choose a car that matches its style. If you are going for a traditional wedding, you will probably want a classic car like a Daimler or Rolls Royce, while if you are opting for a more contemporary theme, a fashionable or niche car such as a London taxi might be the perfect choice.

You might also want to think about the colour scheme you have chosen for your wedding when it comes to selecting a vehicle. If you are going for a white wedding, a white car might fit the bill, or you may want to choose a vibrant shade that goes well with your bouquet or accessories. Be sure to pick a colour that complements your theme perfectly. Some wedding car companies will even decorate the car with accessories and ribbons to go with the colour scheme.

If the bride will be wearing a wide skirted dress or one with a long train, this must be taken into consideration when choosing a vehicle. You will need to ensure that you can enter and exit the vehicle with ease and with elegance.

booking a car for the family and guests

Take into consideration how many people need to travel with the wedding party and how many vehicles you are going to need. If you have a particularly large group for example, you may want to go for a seven-seater.

Decide on the routes that you are planning on taking to the church. It is possible that if you are hiring two vehicles they may wish to follow different routes if, for example, the bride and groom would like to enjoy a ride in their wedding car while the guests and family go straight on to the reception. Planning timings is very important to ensure that everyone gets to the venue on time.

cost and availability

Remember to book well in advance of your wedding date, especially if you are marrying in peak summer season. Check that you are getting exclusive use of the vehicle on your chosen date to avoid any risk of double booking and make sure that the company you have selected are familiar with your local area in order to avoid any confusion over the route or timings.

Look for a well-established wedding car firm that are guaranteed to still be in business when your wedding day is here, and be sure that they have the necessary public liability insurance as well as wedding hire insurance.

Check there are no hidden additional costs, should your wedding overrun.


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