the dos and don'ts for a perfect winter wedding

A winter wedding can be a magical day for all involved. With the crisp air and snowy backdrop, a wedding in the colder months can be a much more unique and memorable experience, we at Tifany's Bridal encourage your winter wedding ideas. . For all the great things about having a winter wedding, you do need a little extra thought when planning a winter wedding compared to their summer equivalent. Worry not though, as money-saving opportunities are all around when you choose to have your winter wonderland theme, and this dos and don'ts list will give you everything you need to know.

do save money

There are many ways in which money can be saved with a winter wedding. For one, venues and services will generally have lower rates. Churches, florists and caterers are usually less expensive outside of the peak periods of spring and summer, so look around and grab yourself a bargain to help towards the dress budget.

Food and drink winter-style can also save a bundle. Instead of light and intricate, think heart-warming and bold. Instead of chilled and bubbling, think hot and spicy. A choice of mulled wine alongside the more traditional champagne can help with costs and bring a sense of a frozen fantasy to your perfect day while a festive meal plan will be considerably less expensive and complicated than a summer banquet.

don't forget about the weather

The biggest obvious difference for a winter wedding is the temperature. Don't forget to plan ahead and bring the theme into your choices of clothes. Churches will need to have heaters. Transport will need to much more organized. A warm coat, shrug or wrap will be essential, and shoes will need to be suitable(ish) for the worst of ice and snow. This doesn't necessarily have to be a negative, however.

A darker colour scheme can look heavy and unromantic in summer, but looks fabulous in winter accented with auburns and white. Or for a more traditional approach, frozen accompaniments to a dress can be breathtaking. Take inspiration from the ice for a frozen lattice sleeve, or sparkling crystal accessories that will catch the winter sun and make you sparkle.

do make it your own

A winter wedding has the great advantage of being much less formulaic, meaning that you can put your own stamp on the occasion. Centrepieces can be handmade from holly or pine cones and lighting based on candlelight can give a room a romantic, dreamy look. The inspirations for a winter wedding can be as diverse as a New York winter, an English castle or even a Hogwarts ball!

If you are a fan of the finer winter things, bring them into your wedding plan. Think roaring fires and capes, roasting chestnuts and steaming cups of rich chocolate. The freedom that comes from a lack of preconceived ideas means that your wedding can be truly unique.

don't worry!

(Perhaps the hardest one to follow)

While a winter wedding can seem daunting, wedding insurance is a great way to alleviate the worry. Knowing that whatever the weather throws at you is covered means that you can truly enjoy your big day safe from snowstorms and rain.